The press loves us and we love the press. See down below some articles about the Smetana Hotel.

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About the owner, Mr. otT

An interview in Czech of the owner of the Smetana Hotel, Jean-Francois Ott made by the Czech magazine E15.

"atelier kalina, michelin worthy magic" by the bespoke black book

Discover the lovely article from the luxury lifestyle magazine about gourmet our restaurant Atelier Kalina !

"the greatest theater in Prague... where the Master Kalina creates his dishes."

Enjoy a great interview of Mirek Kalina inside our restaurant Atelier Kalina made by Emme Ane's Book.

"The location is incredibly scenic and convenient"

A wonderful article about our beautiful city of Prague and the the Smetana Hotel made by Wandering's Rose Travels !

"It is also thought to be the place where Mozart met Giacomo Casanova."

Mozart was a fan of our city of Prague, and he stayed inside Pachtuv Palace, the historical side of the hotel. See in this article from Prague Post where did Mozart live in Prague. 

"Smetana Hotel, well-kept treasure by the bespoke black book"

Discover the wonderful review of the hotel made by the luxury lifestyle magazinebespoke black book. 

“La francophonie à l’honneur le temps d’une soirée”

An article in french about "Mamaison", the hotel chain created in 1991 by the owner of Smetana Hotel, Jean-Francois Ott.