Experience Historic Splendor With Our Exclusive Suites

Experience the wonder and history of The Smetana Hotel with our Exclusive Suites. Our suites offer a wide array of highly curated luxury experiences for the discerning traveler. With the Exclusive Suites you get the chance to stay in the same rooms luminaries such as Mozart and Casanova slept and entertained in. 

Exclusive SUITES Collection

More interested in great views and beautiful balconies? Our Exclusive Suites also offer unique lodgings that provide stunning views of historic Prague, balcony options that overlook Old Town, historic homages to inspiring famous Parisian hotels, and the chance to stay in the same rooms Prague’s royalty did. When your stay has to be just right, then join us in our Exclusive Suites.

Each room in our Exclusive Suite line includes complimentary high speed internet , espresso machine, minibar, turn down service, bathrobes, slippers, king-size bed, bathtub, luxury cosmetics by L'Occitane, flat screen television with DVD player, kitchenette, air conditioning, safe box.

the casanova SUITE

Historic Prague is steeped in mystery, wonder, and romance. You won’t find a more romantic experience than enjoying a night in one of the rooms Casanova stayed in while visiting the palace. In his memoirs, Casanova returned again and again to the palace intrigued by its court, social scene, and people.

Experience the same wonder and joy history’s greatest romantic felt and stay in the very room he enjoyed! Our Casanova Suite offers a wide view of our beautiful and Baroque courtyard. Wake up and enjoy a quiet morning the same way Casanova did. The suite also includes the original hardwood floors Casanova would have walked on during his stay. 

Experience Prague in a truly unique way with our Casanova Suite!

The Casanova Suite Experience

Make your stay a calm and relaxing one with this suite. Enjoy space to rest and stretch out (861 square feet), a stunning view of the courtyard as the sun rises and sets, and your own personal espresso machine for when you need a delicious pick me up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Experience Prague’s rich musical relationship with one of history’s most famous composers and musicians, Mozart. With our Mozart Suite you get the chance to stay in the very room Mozart composed six of his famous sonatas for Count Pachta.

Immerse yourself in this historical opportunity to sleep in the same room Mozart did. The room is also located in the original Pachtuv Palace quarters. That means you are actually getting a truly royal experience when you join us in this suite.

With the Mozart Suite, you not only get to stay in the same room Mozart did, experience living in the actual palace, you also get a one of a kind view of the palace gardens. See the world the way Mozart did before going out to explore Prague’s sites and history.

The Mozart Suite Experience

Enjoy calm mornings and scenic views with the Mozart Suite. Located in the original palace, you not only get a truly unique chance to at historical immersion you also enjoy beautiful furnishings, hardwood floors from the palace, and you also get plenty of room to relax and unwind after a long day touring Old Town.

the royal palace SUITE

Prague is a city for romantics. From its rich relationship with history’s most famous romantic Casanova, to the cobblestone streets that lead into charming storefronts and out of the way restaurants you can cozy in to, you can’t do better than Prague.

To capture that experience for your honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic getaway, we created the Royal Palace Suite. This is the only room in the palace with a balcony. The balcony was originally for the master of the palace, and now you can enjoy it with your partner over a bottle of wine as the sun sets. 

The Royal Palace Suite Experience

If you want a romantic experience, a scenic view, and a unique tie to the royal history of Prague, The Royal Palace Suite is for you. Your suite provides spacious room to relax (861 square feet), a private balcony, and the chance to capture the romance of the historic Prague.

the Mucha Suite

Experience The Smetana Hotel’s rich history by enjoying our suites located in the original 17th century palace. These suites were used by the Count to lodge members of the royal family during their stays at the palace.

If you look for experiences that help you directly relate to the history and culture of where you are staying, you need the Mucha Suite. The Mucha Suite is the perfect blend of Baroque history, modern design, and romance. The Mucha Suite is your chance to experience a truly one of a kind stay with  beautiful spaces, great sites, and a large bedroom.

The Mucha Suite Experience

One detail our customers love is that the Mucha Suite features the original 17th century frescos that were first featured when the palace was built. When you join us in the Mucha Suite, you can enjoy staying in a room featuring the original art designed for the royal family, 873 square feet of space, and stunning street views of historic Prague.

the Velvet revolution suite

Prague is rich with history. To celebrate a pivotal moment in the history of the city, the end of communism, we created the Velvet Revolution Suite. Vaclav Havel, Czechoslovakia’s first president, was a key figure in the rebellion.  

Vaclav enjoyed staying at the palace while writing many of his most famous plays. Now you can experience the same royal treatment and attachment to history with The Velvet Revolution Suite. 

The Velvet Revolution Suite Experience

Enjoy your morning as you wake up to beautiful street views of historic Prague. Watch locals start their day as you enjoy an espresso from your private espresso maker. Keep one foot in the present while experiencing the nation’s rich past with The Velvet Revolution Suite.

The Lutetia Suite

This is your chance to experience the splendor of another age from one of Europe’s most stylish hotels.  The Smetana Hotel was inspired by Paris’s most famous hotel, the Lutetia. The Lutetia Suite is furnished with some of the original furniture from the Lutetia Hotel.

If you love historical decor, plenty of space to relax in, and old world style, the Lutetia Suite is for you. The suit is 1098 square feet, features two bedrooms and two baths, and has a view of both Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

The Lutetia Suite Experience

Stay in a room where history, style, and culture intertwine in a beautiful space. From the two king- sized beds to the dual bathrooms you’ll experience true luxury as it was meant to be.

the President Havel Suite

 When only the absolute best will do, you need The President Havel Suite. The suite is named in honor of Czechoslovakia’s first president who was known for staying in the palace while writing his now famous plays.

This suite truly is a presidential experience that rivals anything you know. The suite includes a balcony where you can sit with your partner over a glass of wine and enjoy the best sites Prague has to offer.   

The President Havel Suite Experience

Whether it is dinner on your private balcony, stretching out in the 1098 square feet of space, or simply unwinding with a nice bath after a long day, this is the suite for you.

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